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Comments on Mesko 2011

The comments refer to:

Online medical content curation and personal time management with Web 2.0: an exciting era
Bertalan Mesko
published in CTT on 12 December 2011

Comment 2, by the author

Thank you for the great feedback! Social media changed the way I find the appropriate journal for my manuscript. For example, I use the Journal / Author Name Estimator ( http://www.biosemantics.org/jane/ ) which helps find relevant journals based on the key words of my abstract and also sometimes I ask my colleagues worldwide on Twitter or Facebook to help me find the best target journal.

Bertalan Mesko
19 January 2012

Comment 1

I think that Mesko's Table 2 is very useful. It shows in simple terms what has changed in his professional online activities between 2000 and today. For anyone even vaguely interested in the changes this is a good entry point to reflect on one's own practises.
Mesko might have added a fifth aspect: What would I do if I want to find the best place to publish my research results? I suppose that for many this has changed, too.

Claudia Koltzenburg
10 January 2011